Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Paper Dolls II Challenge


A Creative Challenge to make and trade Artful Paper Dolls.

Artists will create an edition of 3 dolls, male or female,
 mixed media with at least one aspect 
using a printmaking technique. You can choose to do an edition
 of the doll and have them all the same
 or do several with slight variations.  
  Other creative additions:  Fibers (colorful yarns, strings, ribbons, etc.)  
Polymer clay, paper clay, various fabrics, wire,
 beads (glass, metal, plastic), natural materials (twigs, leaves…),
 paints (acrylics, watercolor), stamps, stencils, 
various papers (tyvek, tissue paper, handmade paper…)
SIZE: No less than 5” tall and no more than 16”  (2-D or 3-D)

EDITION:  3 Dolls
1 doll to trade
1 doll to be kept by the artist
1 doll for exhibition (to be retained by Tiger Lily for its archives)

There will be an exhibition of the dolls at 
NVision Gallery in October, 2010.

  “ Show & Tell and Trade”
will occur in late September,
specific date TBA.

We will have appetizers and sweets to snack on for that evening.
Bring your Paper Dolls and tell us the why and
 how of his or her creation.  Afterward we will draw names
 to trade one of our editioned dolls so
 that each artist will leave with another artist's doll. 

Contact Theresa Gates Kuhr by August 1st if you are interested!

gates299@zoomtown.com / (513) 300-8446

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