Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Artist Alice Balterman Estate Auction

Alice Balterman,  friend of many, was a gifted artist who passed away last year.  580 items from her estate are being auctioned off online this week with the closing being on Sunday 1/18/15 starting at 4pm.   It will be the last time to have the opportunity to purchase one of Alice's memorable collage art books and other collage objects that she made along with a lifetime of collections including two book presses.

"Everything But The House is proud to offer the art and antiques
 of Alice Balterman, a Cincinnati native
 and distinctive multimedia artist
 who specialized in collage, assemblage, decoupage
 and altered “artist books.”
 She once said, “The delight of such media is their sense
 of timelessness and their range of effects -–
 humor, formality, surrealism and poetry.”
 For many years her works were featured in museum
 and specialty gift shops around Cincinnati.
 Alice Balterman also had a discerning eye for antiques
 and there are many fine examples for your consideration."

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